April 2018 Release: Multiple Dependencies and Baselining

Whether you’re onboarding customers, building new technologies, or designing marketing campaigns, you would want to organize all of the work into clearly defined stages and have a reliable guide with a strong dose of accountability in order to execute those projects successfully.

With TaskRay’s April 2018 Release, we have covered all these bases for you—and more.

Our newest features—baselining and multiple dependencies—ensure that each new project has a solid foundation from which to start and minimal risk of getting off track along the way.

Multiple Dependencies

With the implementation of the multiple dependency feature in TaskRay, the dependency functionality is now complete.

Moving from one-directional dependencies (limited to singular dependency relationships) to multiple dependencies (the ability to connect multiple tasks and the ability to create one of four types of dependency relationships) allows project managers to create more accurate project plans.


This new functionality allows for dynamic dependency relationships including:

  • Finish-to-start

  • Start-to-start

  • Finish-to-finish

  • Start-to-finish

Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 13.46.45.png

All relevant dependency information related to a given task can also be viewed when a user clicks on the dependency arrow. 




With TaskRay’s new baselining feature, it is now possible to create snapshots of the state of each project at a specific point in time.

Out of the box, this feature will track against the standard TaskRay fields on Projects, Task Groups, and Tasks when a baseline is created, but you can add custom fields for tracking as well. And the sky’s the limit with setting baselines—you can set as many as you want!


You can set and view baselines in Plan View, and the baseline bars are color coded to denote their completion. If a task is completed at the time when a baseline is taken, the baseline bar will be green; if a task is incomplete, the bar will be gray; if a task is overdue when the baseline is taken, the bar will be red.


Baselines are great for reporting and comparing project progress over time, allowing you to assess project progress in real-time, see if you’re staying on track, and make adjustments as necessary.

Updated Printing And Exporting

The latest release also provides new options for printing and exporting from the Plan View. You can now export and print your projects directly from Plan View either as a PDF or a CSV file. You can also export and print baselines for reporting. 

A full description of features is available in our release notes.

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Release Schedule

  • Saturday, April 7 - Available on AppExchange

  • Saturday, April 7 - Automatic upgrade to Sandboxes

  • Saturday, April 28 - Automatic upgrade to Production


Alisa Gibson/Kirsten Brehmer will be hosting two webinars to demonstrate these new features:

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