Thinking About A Project Management Tool? Read This First

As the makers of TaskRay, the top-rated project management app on the Salesforce AppExchange, we have seen all different types of projects executed with TaskRay as a tool. Some of those have been wildly successful and some less so.

For Taskray, we continue to follow agile PM principles to guide the design and construction of the tool.  However, we also have learned along the way that a tool (any tool) alone is NOT what makes one team hit their targets and another to fall far short.

Last week we published a white paper - Thinking About A Project Management Tool? Read This First. The paper is a repository for the valuable insight we’ve gained over the last 7 years as well as some leading research about how to approach project management to achieve your business’s goals.  

(Hint: It doesn’t start with a tool. Not even TaskRay! Which might sound shocking for an app maker to say, but it’s the truth.) Good project management starts with a defined business goal, a clear process, and the right team. Once you have those things in place it will become much easier to select the tool that’s right for your organization and team.

The full paper has 8 clear steps you need to take to set up a world-class project management system (including selecting a tool) as well as templates and tools to help you get started.