August 2017 Release: Task Groups, Stitcher, and Non-Working Days

Like a summer blockbuster, TaskRay’s August 2017 Release is bigger, better, and more exciting than ever before!

The August 2017 Release is focused on making TaskRay even more scalable for large enterprise and advanced users.

This release will contain some of the top feature requests from TaskRay’s idea forum, such as Task Groups, the Stitcher, and Non-Working Days. We’ve also added new functionality to lock dates on tasks and milestones, as well as expanded Plan View capabilities.


Task Groups

With Task Groups, you will be able to reduce complex project hierarchy and keep all of the related work within a single project. Now, you will have the ability to group tasks and organize your projects more efficiently than ever before. Whether you need your tasks to be grouped by phases, sprints, themes, or other attributes that are unique to your process - Task Groups will make it easy.


Ever wished you could combine templates or parts of templates to make a new project? Well, with the the all-new Stitcher, you'll be able to. The Stitcher will allow you to build out projects by joining together multiple template projects and task groups. This functionality extends to checklists, making it easy to quickly copy and insert previously created checklists from templates into other tasks. Oh, and did we mention that all of this functionality can be automated using the Lightning Process Builder?

insert stitch modal.png

Non-Working Days

We know that many companies have either regular weekends or other designated times off during a workweek. With this release, we’re excited to address one of the most popular feature requests and introduce non-working days! Now, you will be able to define non-working days on your projects and thus prevent tasks from being scheduled on those days. 


Locked Tasks and Milestones

We also know that certain tasks and milestones can’t be moved, such as those that need to be completed on a specific date to hit a firm deadline. So, we’ve added the functionality for locking dates on tasks and milestones. If other dependent tasks are moved around, the locked tasks or milestones will stay put. You will also be notified of any scheduling conflicts, allowing you to quickly resolve issues and complete your projects on time.

Enhancements to Plan View

Plan View is a powerful tool for plotting projects out over time and understanding how task dependencies affect one another. This release has a few key updates to Plan View that will enhance existing functionality, such as the new ‘Year’ scaling option for multi-year projects, background shading for non-working days, and a Today bar for highlighting the current day. We’re also introducing a new feature that will allow you to configure and add columns to the board for displaying task information.

A full description of features is available in our release notes

Did we miss a feature you were hoping for or do you have a great idea? Let us know in our Ideas Community.


Release Schedule

  • Saturday, August 5th - Available on AppExchange

  • Saturday, August 5th - Automatic upgrade to Sandboxes

  • Saturday, August 26th - Automatic upgrade to Production



Alisa Gibson will be hosting two webinars to demonstrate these new features:

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