Help! I Added A Field To The Page Layout And Can't See It In The TaskRay Tab

If I had a dollar for every person who asked about Field Sets, I could buy a remote controlled tarantula.

Since the rest of the Bracket Labs team will be unnerved if I start chasing them through the office using a remote controlled monster-spider, I put together an FAQ for Field Sets as a more productive outlet for these dangerous thoughts.

While I haven't given up my dream, I've only been on the team 2 months - it's a little premature to be having HR meetings.

What is a Field Set?

"A Field Set is a grouping of fields" according to Salesforce. In TaskRay, it's what we reference to display fields on the Project or Task.

When do I need to use Field Sets with TaskRay?

Any time you need to add or remove a field from this view - make the changes in the Field Set.

Where do I find Field Sets?

Location depends on whether the Field Set is on a custom or standard object.

Field Sets are a related list on your custom object record. This is where to find the TaskRay Field Sets.

Field Sets are an option under the Standard Objects menu.

How do I add a Field to a Field Set?

The page looks is similar to the Page Layout edit screen with the same drag and drop functionality for adding fields.


If you have added the field to a field set and are still not seeing it in the TaskRay view, please reach out to us at We're here to help!

Happy Admining!