December 2017 Release: Project View, Insights, and External Sharing

Let’s talk about the big picture. When it comes to project management, it is not uncommon for multiple projects to be running simultaneously. And, as a project manager, you need to keep track of all the moving pieces, whether it’s making sure that essential deadlines are being met or making necessary adjustments to the most granular details whenever there is a conflict. 

With this release, we are introducing a brand new view where you’ll be able to quickly check in on project health. Additionally, TaskRay will get a new tab in the right sidebar, which will  visualize the most vital metrics and have the functionality to make ad hoc charts to compare task data. Oh, and we’re also extending the capabilities to share project and task data with external stakeholders.

Project View

The all-new Project View takes it up a level and provides a way to get the full perspective on how your projects are doing by presenting project data in an easy-to-read list format. The view displays standard project information, such as status, dates, and task groups, but can be configured to surface the necessary project data that is unique to your organization. Using filters, you will also have the ability to refine the list of projects visible on the board, allowing you to focus on the set of data that is most relevant to your needs.

project view with border.png

Info Tab

With Project View also comes a new tab for the right sidebar - the Info tab. The tab is designed to display the most vital project metrics in a quick, visual way. It will provide insights, such as status updates, important milestones and dates, a summary of tasks that are at risk, as well as the distribution of tasks by status and team member. 

As an added bonus, the tab will be available across all other existing TaskRay views. In those views, the tab will display refined information, using only the data from tasks that have been filtered on the board.

project view info tab2 copy.png


With TaskRay’s new charting functionality, you will have the ability to quickly compare task data using various characteristics. Similar to the Info tab, you’ll get to choose whether you want to compare data from all tasks in Project View or only see the refined data from select tasks in the other TaskRay views.

chart taskray copy.png


Collaborating with external stakeholders can be crucial to project success. With that in mind, all of the new features will have the option to be exported. We are also excited to introduce the functionality to share TaskRay's Plan View using Salesforce Public Sites. You will have full control over designating projects for sharing, thus having a peace of mind that your project information is secure. 

A full description of features is available in our release notes

Did we miss a feature you were hoping for or do you have another great idea? Let us know in our Ideas Community.


Release Schedule

Saturday, November 25th - Available on AppExchange
Saturday, November 25th - Automatic upgrade to Sandboxes
Saturday, December 9th - Automatic upgrade to Production


Alisa Gibson will be hosting two webinars to demonstrate these new features:

Tuesday, November 28th at 4-4:30 p.m. MDT
Wednesday, December 13th at 10-10:30 a.m. MDT
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