TaskRay for Slack App - Goes Together Like Cake & Ice Cream


Slack is a cloud-based team collaboration tool, and TaskRay is a cloud-based project management tool. They truly complement each other and help people get more done, more quickly and in a more fun way than ever before.

That’s why we have created the TaskRay for Slack app. Here at Bracket Labs, we use Slack to talk about upcoming projects, product development, marketing, sales, support, and, yes, random things like an apropos meme (see right) or a cat video. 

As the makers of TaskRay, we also use TaskRay as our project management tool for all those functions as well (minus the memes and cat videos.) So we created the integration between the two systems to allow those conversations happening in Slack to turn into TaskRay tasks in real time. We also opened the other side of the street. You can ask the TaskRay bot to update you about TaskRay projects right in Slack.

Take a quick peek at the new functionality.


TaskRay now has a new field for projects called the "project nickname field". It is possible to quickly add a task from Slack and associate it with the correct project when you reference the project nickname. You can even attach the conversation thread to your Chatter feed.


Using the project nickname field, it is possible to quickly check project status in Slack.


The TaskRay bot will send users their task list for the day in a private message. All you have to do is type @taskray my tasks. You can mark them complete and finish your tasks directly from Slack.


We love to help at Bracket Labs, really we do. That’s why we added a help command for our TaskRay bot. If you need a refresher on possible TaskRay for Slack message options, just ask @taskray for help by typing - @taskray help.

We have more resources about how to set up and use TaskRay for Slack App in our Learn and Support portal.

In the meantime, if you try it out, let us know what you think in the comments section below.