Summer 2016 TaskRay Release: Visualize Your Projects In A Whole New Way

To accomplish great things we must first dream, then visualize, then plan... believe... act! - Alfred A. Montapert

TaskRay is many things - the top-rated project and process management app on the AppExchange, 100% native to Salesforce, a highly customizable tool to help you achieve your post-sale goals and a sleek way to visualize and interact with your project and process management data.  Our TaskRay product and development team are always seeking to create the best visual experience for you and your team.

Board Filters

With our Summer Release, we are taking project data visualization to the next level. The new Board Filters section in the left sidebar allows you to quickly access project data by seven new default views including:

  • My Tasks (My Tasks including open checklist items)

  • My Projects (My Projects + All Tasks),

  • Power Filter (quick toggle between project and task filters without creating a custom Board Filter)

  • Favorites (Starred Projects),

  • Single Project Search (search for any active, unarchived TaskRay project

  • Recent Projects (5 Most Recently Viewed)

  • Delegated (Tasks You Created and Assigned to Others).

You can even view other TaskRay users' boards with the View As functionality -  view the "My Task" Board View of any user by clicking on the profile picture and selecting a different user.

Additionally, users can create and save custom filters using any combination of a project and task filter. Custom filters can now include any standard or custom field from Projects and Tasks. That's right! TaskRay now supports custom field filters! Similar to Salesforce list views you can also apply filter logic. This allows your users to customize their TaskRay workspace like never before.

Create Project from Template

Besides the addition of Board Filters, this release has several other exciting features.

Templates and template cloning continue to be a popular feature for our users, so we've added an option to clone a template upon a project creation. 

TaskRay for Slack App

We are also piloting a TaskRay for Slack app.
You'll be able to enable TaskRay for Slack and...

  • Create a new TaskRay task from Slack

  • Store Slack conversations about TaskRay tasks on the task Chatter feed

  • Request to see the status of a TaskRay project in Slack

  • Request a list of your daily TaskRay tasks and overdue tasks in TaskRay

Release Schedule

Saturday, August 13th - Available on AppExchange (and by direct install link for customers)
Saturday, August 13th - Automatic upgrade to Sandbox
Saturday, September 17th - Automatic upgrade to Production

p.s. Our favorite Customer Success guru, Darren Geary, will be leading two new features webinars:

Wednesday, Aug 17 at 10-10:30 AM MDT

Wednesday, Sep 21  at 4-4:30 pm MDT

Interested in other webinars? Check out all of our upcoming webinars. A full description of features are available in our release notes.

Want to get started with a free 14-day trial? Download TaskRay on the AppExchange today.