Why You Need Project Management in Salesforce


During our time at Dreamforce 2015, we got to speak with a lot of people interested in using TaskRay. We got some great questions such as what’s a native app, what kind of customizations are possible, and does everyone in my organization have to have TaskRay? 

These are all great questions. But the one that we got which I thought deserved a post of its own was—Why would you need or want project management in Salesforce in the first place?


While I think there are a few key reasons to bring project management capabilities into Salesforce, the biggest one is that if your business is already running on the Salesforce platform, TaskRay can help you keep your post-sales and marketing processes continuous.

Over 50 percent of current TaskRay users report using the app to manage customer onboarding and customer success. Having multiple systems to manage customers is inefficient and time-consuming. Every time you go from one system to another you chance losing information and increase the possibility of errors—negatively impacting your customer experience. A sub-optimal customer experience has far-reaching impacts—from churn risk to brand perception to social media sentiment, a good customer experience is, rightfully, becoming the focus du jour of companies large and small. There are whole conferences and departments dedicated to it!

Being a 100% Salesforce native app makes creating a customer onboarding or success process after an opportunity is Closed Won seamless. In fact, we’ve put together a “Recipe for Success” use case for using TaskRay for customer onboarding. With features like creating standardized project templates with date-driven logic, scheduling repeating tasks, assigning projects to queues, and creating workflow triggers, TaskRay is flexible and powerful enough to handle complicated customer processes with large teams.


There are several other reasons why you’d want project management capabilities in Salesforce.

  1. You are a marketing team using the campaigns feature, but also wants to manage how those campaigns are created and deployed right within Salesforce.

  2. You are an agile development team tracking release management in Salesforce.

  3. You are a professional services firm using Salesforce to manage delivery of client services while tracking time and expense.

  4. You are a Salesforce admin who wants to organize and streamline Salesforce request processes in your organization.

  5. You have a team co-managing projects and processes, but they are located in in different offices.

  6. You are consolidating to one cloud-based system.

  7. You want to tie your project and process management to any custom object in Salesforce.

  8. You want to be able to integrate your PM tool with other stellar Salesforce applications and extensions like Conga, Box, FormAssembly, and more.

  9. You want a PM tool that evolves with the Salesforce platform to deliver you a modern, competitive product.

  10. You just love Salesforce.


While I’m sure there are more reasons than the eleven above, there’s a final reason worth mentioning. If you are in the market for a new PM tool and you are considering bringing it into Salesforce, what have you got to lose?

  • We offer a free 14-day trial.

  • TaskRay is simple, visual, and intuitive to help different learners adopt the tool.

  • TaskRay is the original AND number one rated project management tool on the AppExchange.

  • We have over 100 five-star reviews. (And if you look through those reviews you’ll see we get consistent feedback for our high-quality customer support.)

  • We also provide training tools on our site from TaskRay Guides to webinars.

Have questions—contact our sales team for a demo.