Introducing TaskRay, New Salesforce Wear App for Apple Watch


Yesterday, Bracket Labs revealed TaskRay for wearables, which extends business processes to devices like the Apple Watch to help improve mobility and productivity at work.

TaskRay was built with the Salesforce Wear Developer Pack, an agile platform that provides enterprise developers with sample code, documentation, demos and reference apps, allowing them to extend Salesforce implementations to wearable devices. 

We envision TaskRay for the Apple Watch will be used for a variety of enterprise business needs. With over 50 percent of our customers using TaskRay for customer onboarding, we know that TaskRay helps companies deliver customers’ success. Now, with the extension of TaskRay to the Apple Watch, it’s even easier for a customer success manager to manage her daily responsibilities and ensure that her customers have everything they need.


TaskRay’s Apple Watch app is a beautiful, intuitive extension of TaskRay’s simple, visual project management within Salesforce.  

The concise visualization of project status helps managers receive immediate feedback as work happens or as roadblocks emerge.


The Salesforce Wear Developer Pack speeds development and helps companies connect with customers like never before by providing implementations and typical patterns for enterprise authentication, Salesforce API notifications, and working with Salesforce Mobile SDK response objects. Salesforce Wear was introduced in 2014 and supports development for Apple Watch and other wearables like Android Wear, ARM, Epson Moverio, Fitbit, Google Glass, Jawbone UP, Meta Glasses, Myo from Thalmic, Nymi from Bionym, Oculus Rift, OMSignal, Pebble, Philips, Samsung Gear II and Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses.

Get TaskRay from Salesforce AppExchange here

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