Introducing the New Salesforce

Yesterday, Salesforce announced the new Lightning experience. A transformational change to Salesforce for customers, developers, and partners. Bracket Labs is excited to be an early adopter of the technology for our TaskRay app—redesigning our interface to be more in-line with the new Lightning Design System AND offering Lightning components on the AppExchange.

Blakely Graham, Bracket Labs Co-founder, was the only Salesforce partner to be a part of the live announcement viewed around the world. Of the new Salesforce, she said,”Lightning is an intuitive and elegant platform…The design patterns in the recently introduced Design System helped us understand the strategic direction of Lightning and of Salesforce and how we might apply those design systems to TaskRay.”

Blakely is looking forward to components as they have the ability to bring TaskRay into record pages. It’s going to help TaskRay's current customers manage their work more efficiently and productively. 

Her advice to other partners looking to start optimizing for Lightning,"Just jump right in. There is a lot of thought and research that has gone into this platform. There is a huge opportunity for innovation.”