TaskRay's Next Version is On the Horizon: Time Tracking Capabilities


April 2016 Release

This upcoming release is particularly exciting.

Our product development team has kept up a brisk pace. Our last release was just in March!
It includes one of the most-requested features from our users—Time Tracking.

Time is Optional

You will be able to turn Time Tracking on or off depending on your organization's needs (it will be off by default). This is great for customers that are not in need of this feature, it won't distract from your existing views or process.

4 Ways To Access Time

Our design and development philosophy focuses on usability and visualization. With time tracking being such an important addition to TaskRay, we offer many ways to add time and view the time information across TaskRay.


Need to quickly add time to a task? There's a new clock icon on the task card in Kanban and Row view. This allows you to quick add a time entry without opening a task card!


In addition to quick adding from a task card, you can also quick add from a checklist. This will add time to the task card and automatically place the Checklist name into the Notes field.


To view and add time entries on an individual task there is now a time tab in tasks. It is easy to see an aggregate of all time logged for a particular task.


Need a big picture view of your's or another's time? 

The new timesheet view allows you to see all of your time entries for a particular week. You can add, edit & delete entries on the timesheet, or use the bulk add to track a week’s worth of time sheets for an existing task or add a new row of time by associating a new task.

Reporting & Roll-ups

Reporting is an important part of TaskRay and Salesforce. 

With time tracking, we have added estimated and actual time rolls up onto task and then again up to project for simple reporting. We've also added several new default reports for managing time.

Release Schedule

Saturday, April 23rd - Available on AppExchange (and by direct install link for customers)
Saturday, April 23rd - Automatic upgrade to Sandbox
Saturday, May 14th - Automatic upgrade to Production

p.s. Our favorite Customer Success guru, Darren Geary, will be leading two new features webinars:

Wednesday, April 27th at 10-10:30 am MDT
Thursday, May 19th at 4-4:30 pm MDT

Interested in other webinars, check out all of our upcoming webinars.  

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