Happy 10th Birthday to the Salesforce AppExchange

Today is the Salesforce AppExchange’s 10th birthday. This is a huge milestone for Salesforce and for all the apps on the AppExchange including ours—TaskRay, Campaign Calendar and MyDay.

Ten years ago the idea of a marketplace where businesses could go to buy apps was revolutionary.  Bracket  Labs was founded on the vision that corporate enterprise IT was going to follow in the footsteps of consumer web apps; That large enterprises would want to use off-the-shelf applications so that they could also buy inexpensively, and install easily with rapid user adoption.

Bracket Labs built a team to take advantage of that opportunity, and here we are in the middle of what we consider an app revolution. There are a number of forces converging—cloud technology, SaaS, rapidly growing SMB markets, lessons from the consumer social world— that are disrupting the way that enterprise thinks about their IT solutions. We are hearing from customers who are not only buying and deploying Bracket Labs’s apps in short time periods but whose users almost immediately start to depend on them to complete their work.  Ten years ago that sort of story would have been hard to imagine, but it’s happening regularly now. We’re thrilled to be part of this re-definition of enterprise IT.

We couldn’t ask for a better partner. Salesforce and the AppExchange continue to be at the vanguard of emerging technology with wearables, analytics, and iOT. The consistent innovation driven by Salesforce is inspiring and good for our business as it translates into increased marketplace opportunity. Bracket Labs is constantly evaluating our products and services to complement Salesforce’s strategic direction. Not only does this help us deliver a top-notch experience to our customers, but it allows us to evolve with the platform.  

Happy birthday, AppExchange. We can’t wait to see what the next 10 years will bring. #appexchange10