Blakely Graham

Co-founder, TaskRay

Work, like life, should be a beautiful experience. This philosophy—along with a visionary business partner—is what inspired Blakely to co-found TaskRay. She got a taste of just how meaningful technology could be in 2002 when she led her first enterprise Salesforce implementation and is still riding that wave 20 years later. 

As a consultant, product manager, marketer, and entrepreneur, Blakely has a keen sense of brand-focused storytelling, supported and informed by her commitment to rigorous data analysis. This talent has contributed to the growth trajectory of global companies and industries—from Starbucks to renewable energy to private equity. 

Blakely’s leadership style is influenced by a solo sabbatical in Paris, a journey that gave her fresh insight and perspective into the complex relationship between work and life. That experience sparked a desire for meaning and purpose that she built into TaskRay’s culture. She wants to give everyone the opportunity to control their destiny and grow into passionate, empathetic leaders. She has found that creating beautiful experiences at work—for customers and employees—requires deep awareness and care for everyone involved.

To Blakely, work shouldn’t be life, but it should support and empower people to build meaningful lives. In support of that aim, she and the team have grown TaskRay from a bootstrapped startup into a thriving, multi-million-dollar customer success platform serving the Salesforce ecosystem.