Blakely Graham is a co-founder of Bracket Labs. She now serves as the CEO. Bracket Labs’s award-winning apps for Salesforce include TaskRay, a modern project management and collaboration app; Campaign Calendar, an interactive visualization and management app for marketing teams.  

Prior to founding Bracket Labs, Blakely's career spanned roles in marketing, business development and technology consulting for companies including Starbucks, Requisite Technology, Bluewolf and Renewable Choice Energy. She was an early adopter of cloud software technologies. With over 15 years of experience in the Salesforce ecosystem, she is a passionate believer in the Enterprise App revolution. When she’s not working on Bracket Labs, Blakely can be found mountain biking, traveling, and running with her husband and two children.


1. In 140 characters or less describe what do you do at TaskRay? Support the team.

2. Secret talent?  Furniture rearranging & kickball changes (its a dance step)

3. Guilty pleasure? Musicals

4. If you could have dinner with one person alive or dead, who would it be? Frank Orrall of Poi Dog Pondering

5. Celebrity doppelgänger? Daryl Hannah

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Blakely Graham   Co-founder, CEO

Blakely Graham

Co-founder, CEO