By TaskRay VP of Marketing and Chief of State, Jamie Cole

2020 is here. It’s funny, I always assumed in 2020 we’d have all the stuff that Back To The Future promised – flying cars, computerized homes, dehydrated food, a bully for President – oh, wait…some of that did happen. Way to go Steven Spielberg your visionary powers were on fleek.

I kid, I kid. But like it or not, 2020 is here and TaskRay couldn’t be more excited to kick off this new year and decade. Customer Onboarding and Customer Success are the competitive differentiators of today, not some far off future. 

And, as we look at the year ahead of us, we are truly excited about several things within our company and in the ecosystem at large – 

1. Growth.

Companies are seeing the business case for and prioritizing investment in Customer Onboarding – strategy, leaders, teams, and tools. This is awesome because we know that Customer Onboarding is THE the most high-value investment you can make in your post-sale Customer Journey. As the business case becomes more urgent for companies who are looking to deliver outstanding customer experiences, TaskRay is also experiencing growth, which allows us to invest even more into being the leaders in enterprise customer onboarding.

2. Ecosystem Maturation

The Customer Onboarding and Success ecosystems are getting more saturated with different people, perspectives, and potential. TaskRay is excited to take a seat at the table at several new events this year like SaaStr and TSW along with other industry standard events like Pulse and Dreamforce. 

3. Career opportunities

The growth of the business case and the ecosystem are creating new career opportunities. Customer Onboarding and Customer Success career titles grew in 2018-2019 and they are set to grow more in 2020. 

4. Partnerships

With more opportunity comes more and more other businesses entering the space, some of these businesses will be our partners of the future. We’re excited to work with new and existing partners who complement us and help us offer robust, whole product solutions to customers so they get more value and ultimately achieve more success of their own

5. Product

TaskRay spent a good chunk of the last quarter going through a collaborative process that involved gathering feedback from our customers, completing market research and focusing on visionary leadership to create an 18 month roadmap that will continue to make TaskRay the leader in Enterprise Customer Onboarding solutions. 

In 2020, we’re committing to continuous improvement on our core functionality, aligning ourself closer to Salesforce tech, and introducing innovative, thoughtful features that solve the most pressing needs of our current and future customers.

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