It’s been a big year for TaskRay, from product releases to leading at industry events. A few of our 2019 highlights include:

  • Offering three exciting product releases.
  • Releasing a collection of educational eBooks, available for download on our website.
  • Leadership at Dreamforce 2019 and Pulse 2019
  • Hosting a ton of informative webinars, including a number of collaborative efforts with other industry leaders

In addition to an eventful year, TaskRay also spent time exploring the latest trends in customer onboarding experiences used by some of the top tech companies in 2019. Our team believes that customer onboarding should always aim to connect your users to your product’s value as quickly possible.

Many SaaS businesses are now recognizing the importance of building fantastic onboarding experiences and are putting more effort and resources towards it. It is now widely understood that a great user onboarding experience ultimately leads to higher rates of customer retention and satisfaction. 

How will this growing understanding of customer success influence business at the turn of the decade? Read on to inspire your own customer onboarding strategy for 2020:


1. Customer Support Bots

Many companies have adopted bots on their websites. Not only do bots facilitate the original onboarding process when a user first joins the platform, but they also prove that onboarding doesn’t stop immediately after a user is set up.  

After introducing itself to the user and facilitating the initial set up and onboarding process, a bot sits in its dedicated chat with the user, serving as a perpetually available customer service team member. The bottom line: Plan past the first day to ensure continued customer success well into day two and beyond–and bots can make this possible. 

2. Trial Onboarding

One popular trend in the educational app industry that is sure to spread to other industries in 2020 is trial onboarding, or allowing users to onboard before committing to creating an account. . In these apps, the customer onboarding journey can begin with either signing up straightaway or jumping right into a free trial mini-lesson  By providing flexibility, the apps increase trust with the potential user while the user gains value and a better understanding of the app. The bottom line: Consider providing trial onboarding to convert more leads into happy customers. 

3. Progress Bars

If your strategy is to let users complete setup at their own pace, a progress tracker works wonders as it both motivates the user to keep going and is also a nice gentle reminder that they still have pending tasks. The progress bar guides you through the process of completing your profile, from things like adding any certifications you may have, your education history, and languages you speak. Progress bars make impatient users happier, boost engagement and set expectations.

This feedback lets the user know if the interaction was successful or not. When the progress bar is complete, a user will feel a rush of endorphins, too, and Science backs this up! Once a user has completed all of the steps, they can be awarded with an upgraded status. The bottom line: No one likes to be left in the dark–let your customers know where they are along the way with this simple upgrade to your onboarding

4. Checklists

While every product is slightly different, all products can benefit from a checklist. By adding a checklist in the user dashboard, users can come back to and complete items whenever they want. Much like the progress bar, this shows the user exactly how far they are in the set-up process while also giving them a detailed list of what they need to work on next. The bottom line: Customer onboarding will only continue to focus around customers’ needs; providing a basic checklist is one way to stay ahead of the curve with customer-friendly features. 

5. Allow for Streamlining Content

Some of the most engaging user onboarding experiences use personalization at the earliest possible stage to capture the attention of the user, thus immediately making them feel connected to the product. Some apps allow users to have access to all content (aside from the Premium-only features) and services can be tailored easily. This gives the user instant access to the content they want, giving the user immediate value. The bottom line: However you choose to provide content, be sure to consider your end users needs to not overwhelm or intimidate them.

Eager to stay on top of emerging trends? TaskRay is a proven leader in the field of customer success, and one of the top solutions for your customer onboarding needs. Our leading enterprise customer onboarding solution includes everything growing organizations need to onboard new customers and maximize second order revenue. Learn more about our exciting platform here. Here’s to an exciting new year and decade!

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